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Phone: 702-605-1075

Twitter: @Persiansfinest

Instagram: @Persiansfinest

Snapchat: @Persiansfinest

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From the outset, I present myself as a well-organized, thoughtful, and polished individual.

I bring a unique personality with a special image to appeal to the most discerning client.

My physical image is a gloriously busty full figure, complimenting exotic features and a spicy attitude.


I am highly educated, well-travelled, and enjoy humorous banter with a Persian edge. Among other things, we'll share laughter.

My time is reserved for the elite connoisseur of finer things. I pride myself on maintaining exceptional etiquette and social grace, yet with a personal warmth entwined with creative originality.


I have an appreciation for bespoke couture, and always make best efforts to present myself in an on-trend, yet tasteful manner. 

I've enjoyed travels which include the world's business and cultural centers. I remain a student of the world and am always open to new ideas and unexplored cultural refinements. Surprise me!


My priority is to provide upscale elegance within a tailored experience designed to meet your personal needs. 

Take it upon yourself to inquire regarding special interests, ensuring my ability to provide a discreet, personally-tailored encounter.

My desire is the privilege of accompanying you, whether for an intimate dinner date, an overnight liaison, or a memorable, short break from the stress of the day.


Let me be your preferred companion to escape the pressures of a hectic day in a busy world. Join me, won't you?